I have very little knowledge about mexico. My brushes with Mexico include Speedy Gonzalez, a few episodes from Breaking Bad and the 90s song by Carlos Santana, Maria Maria (Though I don’t think that’s a very good reference point. I don’t know if its Mexican at all to begin with.)

Let's be honest. Who doesn't love this guy?

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love this guy?

So today, when I was in Bandra, standing outside three restaurants, I was mentally weighing my options. Subway vs. Lebanese food. My friend asked if I wanted to try Mexican food. When I told her I had never ate it before, the decision had already been made. 

God sure knew what he was talking about

God sure knew what he was talking about

In a way, the restaurant reminded me of Harvey Dent from the Batman series. Half of the property was dedicated to the Mexican restaurant and the other half was dedicated to the Lebanese restaurant. It was like two children who shared a room had drawn a line down the middle of it after a particularly intense fight, but hey. This is Mumbai we’re talking about. This kind of thing can’t exactly be helped, I’m guessing.

Now the thing is, I’m not really welcoming to the idea of Mexican food because whenever I’ve tried it in restaurants or other places, I’ve never liked what I’d eaten. So this was a day of firsts in a way. In an effort to try and be at least a little frugal, my friend and I decided to order a shared meal for two. The meal consisted of two burritos, nachos and churros.

Best. Nachos. Ever.

Best. Nachos. Ever.

First up, served as an appetizer of sorts was nachos served to us in a black plastic basket. They were topped with chopped onions and tomatoes and topped with melted parmesan cheese. The quantity was so much that I began having doubts about whether we could actually finish the meal beyond all the nachos we were eating. These were hands down, the best nachos I’ve ever eaten. They weren’t too salty, too cheesy or too bland. The cheese was melted throughout and didn’t really became a coagulated mess even after it wasn’t hot.

The burrito was served with a jalapeno chilli dip and a tomato dip

The burrito was served with a jalapeno chilli dip and a tomato dip

While looking at it, the burrito reminded me of wraps I’ve eaten from places like Faasos, but it tasted entirely different. I opted for mine with potatoes and my friend opted for beans. The potato one didn’t have an overwhelmingly aaloo taste to it, surprisingly, but the flavours blended in perfectly with the other filling of the wrap. It wasn’t too spicy. It was in fact filled with a burst of flavours more than anything.

The best dessert I've had in a while.

The best dessert I’ve had in a while.

The churro felt so delicate that I thought it would crumble if I simply pinched a little harder. Served with a little pot of piping hot chocolate sauce and coated with sugar and the slightest dash of cinnamon, this dessert is the answer to any sweet tooth craving you could possibly have.

I just wish the restaurant had normal chairs. I know this is a really odd complaint, but all the chairs on that side of the restaurant were ridiculously high, as if they were masquerading as bar stools. For someone who is 5’2 and at times rather ungraceful, the chair proved to be quite a challenge in itself. Though admittedly, that is my only complaint with the restaurant. Good food, good service and economical fares made for an extremely good first tryst with Mexican food.

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