WIA: Theobroma’s million dollar brownie

It’s impossible to live in Mumbai and to miss Theobroma. It’s tagline is ‘The Food of Gods’ and for a damn good reason too. Theobroma debuted on Colaba Causeway in 2004 and Mumbai’s dessert scene hasn’t been the same ever since.

I was in a particularly indulgent mood so I decided to treat myself to one of Theobroma’s famous brownies. I pressed my nose against the glass as I peered closely at my options. My chocolate-lover’s heart was beating with anticipation as I ordered the Millionaire brownie.


It took me three bites to understand how the brownie got its name. Made up of a thick fudgey chocolate and topped with rich chocolate ganache, the millionaire brownie is so rich in taste it’s not even funny. I’m normally a chocolate lover but this quickly became too much of a good thing.


Since I was treating myself, I was alone. True, the initial burst of intense chocolate flavour definitely cheered me up, but I couldn’t take the flavour by the time I was halfway through. The oozing dark chocolate ganache filling every corner of my mouth didn’t help as I struggled to finish the brownie.


Taste rating: 2.9/5

Kids, it really is possible to be deceived by the way something looks. Especially when food is so beautifully presented. The next time you’re thinking of ordering this brownie, make sure you at least have a friend to split it with.


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