Meet the foodie

Hi! My name is Aishwarya, and I’m a Chennai-based, Pune living student who is absolutely crazy about food. I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Media and Communication, and I specialise in journailsm. Don’t relate me to Barkha Dutt though! I definitely relate to Rocky and Mayur better. My blog, is my creative outlet, because in a chaotic field like news, it’s really easy for a creative voice to die out.

I don’t want that, because writing is the one thing I’m the most passionate about, only seconded by my love for food. I do hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you want to leave feedback or contact me, you can leave a comment on my posts, or mail me at You can also follow me on Twitter, my handle is @aish7793 or show some love on my Instagram account- thatepicfoodiegirl

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