Happy Mother’s Day- Kyunki, Mere Paas Maa Hai!

I left home in 2014.

No, I did not run away to join the circus. Undoubtedly, that would’ve been quite the story, but I chose a tamer route.

I left home to pursue my Master’s degree in Journalism and it was a move that made me the person that I am today. I knew it would be difficult, but somehow, I didn’t envision being thrown headfirst into the world of adulting, while barely knowing how to swim.

Me, Circa 2014; reaching for the stars.

Me, Circa 2014; reaching for the stars.

But honestly, the most important thing that living alone has taught me, is to appreciate home. Never again, will I ever take “home” for granted. Especially not home-cooked food.


Sunday lunch ❤️ #goodfood #home

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No gourmet restaurant can match up to a hot lunch of pepper kuzhambu and fried potato curry on a cold rainy day. No waffle or nutella pancake can ever come close to the feeling of biting into a crispy dosa dipped in green chutney. Somehow, even the cup of Horlicks mom makes me tastes different.

No place like #Home

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Sunday Lunch #Mom #HomeFood #Goodfood #mushroom #biriyani #Love #nothinglikeit

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It’s almost the end of Mother’s Day, and I don’t have my Mother next to me to celebrate. While living with family is indeed, a comfort (especially in an alien city), it doesn’t really change the fact that sometimes, I really miss my mom.

I’ve come to realise over the years that home is a hot cup of chai waiting for you after a long day at work.

The people who live in a house are the ones responsible for making it a home. They may drive you crazy or make you laugh till your stomach hurts, but family is family. You can’t choose them, and maybe, just maybe… That’s a good thing?

To end, I’m going to quote Amitabh Bachchan, in a dialogue that didn’t make sense to me, until I grew older.



26/11: We will never forget

I was 15 at the time of the 26/11 terror attacks.

I wasn’t in school because Chennai was having another cyclonic depression so it was a series of cold rainy days. I remember feeling horrified as I watched on. 24/7 news channels were having a field day with news coverage as almost any movement at the sites of the terror attacks warranted extended explanations.

Stories of bravery and human resilience surfaced soon after, causing me to marvel at the nature of how some people reacted in such intense situations. My stomach churned unpleasantly as I learned that the terrorists had entered the country via the sea.

I thought back to the beach and tried to imagine the calm waves washing ashore, a boat filled with gun toting monsters.

But the one thing I remember feeling the most strongly, was a sense of disconnect. I had never been to the city. I had never seen these monuments. I had never encountered these people. I wanted to learn how they were feeling. I wanted to see how they were coping. I wanted to understand what they were thinking.

After all, there’s only so much coverage a news channel can offer you.

7 years and 3 days after the horrific incident took place, I offered my bag to the security guard as they rummaged through it. I stood next to Miss BB and our friend as they repeated the procedure. My breath caught in my throat as I stepped in to the crowded café.

Established in 1871, Leopold Café needs no further introduction. It was also one of the first sites of attack where the terrorists barged in and attacked its patrons with guns and grenades.

Being a Saturday evening, the café was buzzing with activity. As I seated myself, my eyes fell on a sight that took my words away.

An irregularly shaped hole, on one of the pillars. Unmistakably, a bullet hole from the 26/11 terror attack. I tried to maintain a calm face as I suddenly felt insecure. All around me, everyone was busy with their beverages and their food and I looked down at the menu, trying to make sense of it all. Sitting there, the gravity of the attacks finally hit me, hard. The reality of the situation that was the terror attack on Mumbai on 26th November 2008… I finally began to understand the depth of the situation.

For more pictures of the cafe after the attacks in 2008, check out this article from

I imagined sitting there, dictating my order to a waiter as a gunman suddenly burst in and began firing. My throat was robbed of its voice as I caught sight of more bullet holes in different parts of the café.

What struck me, however, was how it had an air of stubbornness to it. The wait staff were slightly less than polite to us, though their service was impeccable. It was almost as if they were trying to send out a message- about how well they had recovered and how they were happy to go on.

Which sort of made sense, given the circumstances.

My heart goes out to those who did not survive the terror attack that day, and to those who have to live with the scars in their mind.

To all the soldiers, civillians and citizens who didn’t back down even when brute force tried to strike fear into our hearts.

We will stand tall… And we will never forget.

Image credit- IBN live

Image credit- IBN live


Hello from the city of dreams!

You’d think that a 22 year old with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication would be able to wrap aluminium foil around two slices of bread with peanut butter on them.

I have never been more wrong in my life.

Hello my lovely readers! I took a rather unexpected sabbatical from blogging and here I am again, in the city of dreams. That’s right, I’m in Mumbai! I could not be happier to be here right now, interning with BBC in Mumbai.

I know, there’s been a lot going on in my life right now and I’ve been really caught in the thick of things. Luckily, you’ve probably been able to get a hold on how my life is going right now if you’ve been following me on Instagram (@thatepicfoodiegirl) and Twitter (@aish7793)

Bombay, started off with one big amazing trip.


Nothing could defeat our spirits! Even at 5 a.m :D

Nothing could defeat our spirits! Even at 5 a.m :D

We literally had to brave a storm. I'm not even sure how they let us fly in weather like that.

We literally had to brave a storm. I’m not even sure how they let us fly in weather like that.


Up in the air!

Up in the air!

This made me so happy

This made me so happy


I’m living near Bandra right now. Pretty posh upscale area, and for these two months, there is going to be a new character in my life (and blog) whom I’ll be making frequent references to. Miss. BB is a bright, young, promising woman and the most important part is, she’s a vegetarian <3 It’s like it was meant to be.

The thing is Ms. BB is possibly the only person in my life I know who loves food and cooking as much as I do. She’s always prompting me to try new cuisines and explaining things about cooking to me, in addition to having conversations about pretty much anything under the sun. I’m happy I get to be around her.

Miss. BB and I have also started our own Instagram page which will chronicle all the food we eat in Bombay. Follow us @thehungryinterns on Instagram.

I hope to keep you all engaged and enthralled with all of the things that I plan to post. Keep watching this space for more adventures in the land of dreams, shopping and of course, food.

Till next time, much love darlings!

Ganpati Bappa in Pune is the true definition of larger than life.

Ganpati Bappa Moriya!

Image courtesy: Dekhnews

Image courtesy: Dekhnews


Punekars bid goodbye to their favourite Elephant faced God- Ganpati, Ganesh, Vinayak, Pulaiyaar, Ekadanta, or whatever name you want to use to address him. This Ganesh Chathurthi has been a significant time in my life because of how I was tested. But I’m going to save that for later.

If I was in Chennai, I would’ve woken up to my mother (in all probability) yelling at me for sleeping in (read as sleeping till 8 or 9 a.m) and me hustling to get out of bed. I’d quickly shower, wash my hair and get dressed and rush to help my Father make Kozhukattai, all while hungrily eyeing the hot and crispy vadas my mom was making as the divine smell filled the entire house. My sister and I would join hands and say a prayer that we learnt back when we studied in the same school together and we would then fall silent as we prayed for each other’s health, success and joy.

This year's Ganesh Chathurthi spread at home.

This year’s Ganesh Chathurthi spread at home.

After lunch, and our prayers and offerings,  we’d all gather around and watch a hit movie that was being played on Sun TV or Vijay TV. Most probably involving Rajinikanth ( <3 ).

*Deafening whistles and screams* Image courtesy:

*Deafening whistles and screams*
Image courtesy:

I felt miserable and alone when I woke up to cloudy skies at Noon this year, on Ganesh Chathurthi. I spoke to my mom who seemed preoccupied and slightly distant on the phone. There were puja celebrations happening in the recreation and wellness center of our campus as well, but I felt so poorly motivated to actually be a part of them. I’d taken a trip home only recently, but somehow that day I missed home more than ever..

Then we were handed an assignment by our professor to go to the city and cover Ganesh Chathurthi celebrations in Pune. I was reluctant to, but I did go, and when we went, I was speechless at the grandeur of celebrations left me stunned, finally lifting me out of the misty gray dullness that had enveloped me over the few days that followed Ganesh Chathurthi’s first day.

Ganpati Bappa in Pune is the true definition of larger than life.

Ganpati Bappa in Pune is the true definition of larger than life.

As I roamed the streets, I understood for the first time in my life, what the phrase ‘larger than life’ meant. There was festive splendor everywhere and I couldn’t take my eyes off the sights and sounds. It was so invigorating to be part of that crowd and report.


Found outside a pandal: If you can throw a coin into that pot in the middle, then all your desires will be fulfilled.

Make a wish.

Make a wish.

On the last day of our reporting assignment, I felt like we had come around to a full circle. It had been almost 4 or 5 days of continuous shooting. Those days were filled with fun, despite the hard work and running around we had to do. We were walking on a narrow footpath on a busy crowded road when we chanced upon a small shop that sold sweets and (of course) modaks.

Yay! Modaks!

Yay! Modaks!

My friend and I eagerly dug in as a huge smile spread across my face. It was like tasting something my dad had made. I smiled kindly at who appeared to be the shop owner and told him this was the best modak I’d had in a while and that it reminded me of the ones I ate at home. The outside was soft yet firm and on the inside was jaggery and coconut. I took my time in relishing and eating the dish as never before had a sweet dish come so close to what we eat back at home.

That’s when I realised… Home is not a place that you leave behind. Home is everywhere, if you look hard enough. Home is in the same blue skies and the shining sun that warms your face. It is in the people, whose hearts you happen to touch merely by the virtue of you saying hello. You can never leave home behind. Home is somewhere you carry in your heart.

Meet the Foodie

There are scores of people who can offer you ‘helpful’ unsolicited advice. “Follow your dreams”, “stay true to yourself!”, “Carpe Diem!”, “YOLO!”. These vague statements can be really confusing if you’re someone like me- 21, still kinda young, uncertain, and lost. However, there’s one thing in my life that has always been constant- my love for food. When I was younger, I was quite the fussy eater and my parents would have the toughest time getting me to eat right. Can you believe I refused to touch Pizza till  I was in second grade? *shudders*. Luckily, time has passed and standards have dropped. I am now an eggetarian who will eat anything anywhere, as long as it doesn’t contain meat. (If you’re going to come to me and argue that eggs are non-vegetarian, don’t bother. They’re amongst my favourite foods.)

It was when I was 11 that my love for writing came to the forefront. Incidentally, my first poem was about a trip to the bakery 😀 It was fun writing it indeed. There is literally nothing I love in the world more than food. (Sorry boys 😉 )

Nothing describes me more accurately

I have a pretty amazing relationship with food- I love eating good food, I’m interested in trying new dishes and I enjoy baking/cooking occasionally (read as almost never). Starting this blog was my sister’s idea. I jokingly told her that I would love a job that paid me to eat good food. She looked me straight in the eye and told me not to wait around for a job like that, so here I am, actually going after my dream- writing about food.

Allow me to introduce myself-my name is Aishwarya. I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Journalism at Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune. [It only looks like I have my stuff sorted. Trust me, I don’t]. I was born in Hyderabad, and I’ve lived in Kerala, but Chennai is my hometown and my heart beat. Oh, how I love this beautiful city of mine! Moving to Pune was hard, but it was worth it. Now I’ve grown to like Pune just as much as I like Chennai, thanks to the people in it. Almost all my friends are like minded foodies and we love exploring new places and trying new things together.
Us, happy after binge eating at Barbeque nation.

As far as food is concerned, chocolate milk, dosas and thayir sadam (curd rice) are my biggest weaknesses. My tam-brahmness betrays me in this regard. I would willingly give up anything in the world except these things! However, “Variety is the spice of life. That gives it all its flavor” said William Cowper, an English poet. Well, I believe that taking this quote a little literally and applying it to food makes life worth living. I strongly believe in the fact that life can be one crazy adventure, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I know I’m going to enjoy writing it.

Also, always remember this