The best foodie music ever

So instead of writing about food today, I’ve decided to try something slightly different. Here’s a list of songs that I love listening to while eating or when I’m having a fun night out in general.

1. Madari- Vishal Dadlani, Clinton Cerejo and Sonu Kakkar.

This song obviously HAD to be the very first on this list because it is an eternal favourite. Everytime I hear it, my mood instantly perks up and I have to resist the urge to sing along because I can never get the words right.

2. Naan Nee- Madras

This mellow song is perfect for those days when you should be cuddling bae on a rainy evening, but you know you got Pizza, which is even more freakin awesome.

3. Wish you were here- Pink Floyd

One of my favourite things to do is to head over to the NCC canteen in Pune and just lose myself to a glass of coffee, listening to this masterpiece by Pink Floyd. Trust me when I say, it is nothing short of blissful.

4. We are Young- Fun

Night on the town? Check. Best High Heels on? Check. Favourite cocktail. Check. You are all set to belt out the words to this beautiful (should-be) teen anthem as you make the most of every moment of your night on the town.

5. Thode Bheege- Kaminey


If you ask me, this is one of the most underrated songs in the film. It’s one of the most beautiful melodies I have ever listened to. I like to listen to this song while its cold out and I’m cuddling under the covers with my favourite paperback novel and a mug of hot chocolate. Love, indeed.

6. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson

This is my absolute favourite Sunday morning song. It’s one of those light, happy, catchy songs that you can listen to while you contentedly munch on a delicious home-made Sunday brunch.

7. A beautiful mess- Jason Mraz

This is the kind of song I like listening to when I’m alone. It helps me feel like I’m listening to someone speaking to me, addressing me. Also, it sounds great when you’re eating it with Falafel.

8. Yellow- Coldplay

A song I could listen to on loop and not get tired of. Yellow by coldplay is, in my opinion one of their best tracks. Listen on a Saturday night in with your girlfriends with a tub of ice cream and a night filled with gossip and fun.

Have any tracks that go well with good food? Do drop a comment and let me know :)